24 rays and a big smile


Since 1988, the sun with its 24 rays has been laughing from our products. The symbol is not only the name of SONNENTOR but also the foundation for the vision of Johannes Gutmann.

It was a fateful day almost three decades ago, when this dear symbol of his childhood once again crossed his path. In the Waldviertel, the sign of a free and independent farmer has always been the Sonnentor (“sun gate”), with 24 rays. Therefore, doors and gates of farms are designed as a sun arch. A warm, friendly symbol that radiates strength and optimism in an otherwise barren area. Johannes was instantly sold on the Sonnentor idea - and with that, the company name and the idea for ​​the logo was born. The rest is history.

Today, the SONNENTOR logo adorns over 700 products. Twenty-four beams – one for each hour of the day - have since become a symbol of pleasure, health, and a joyful and good life.