Our philosophy

The SONNENTOR philosophy is more than a collection of beautiful words. It is a corporate culture. This can and should be felt by everyone - whether employees, customers or guests.

That is why our philosophy not only finds places in our hearts, but also in all our rooms. So that we never lose sight of it.


We at SONNENTOR firmly believe that nature holds the best recipes for a beautiful and long life. This is what we work for. This is what we live on. We believe that organic farming is the only alternative to the consequences of monoculture and overproduction. The cycle of nature, the ever-recurring, the constantly renewed life is our basic principle. Just as life & living, mutual respect and appreciation are indispensable for a long-term coexistence. Everything must be in balance, so that life can be enjoyed by everyone.


This is what we are about - SONNENTOR in 8 principles

Our philosophy is also reflected in our Code of Conduct, because we bear responsibility - for people, nature, the environment and Society.


We stand for fairness

Whether in the Waldviertel or with our partners around the world: SONNENTOR stands for fair cohabitation. We do not exert price pressure and we strive to promote social structures.


Corruption has no place here

Price fixing, corruption and the granting of benefits are not tolerated at SONNENTOR.


The health and safety of our employees have highest priority

Our employees are our greatest potential. Therefore, we ensure maximum safety during the working day as well as a health-promoting environment is guaranteed.


A respectful and appreciative tone ensures an enjoyable work environment

With our employees, we cultivate an appreciative and respectful approach. Open communication, the involvement of employees in decision-making and the commitment to equal opportunities are common practice at SONNENTOR.


Every member of the SONNENTOR family is an official(s) ambassador

Every employee of SONNENTOR is an ambassador of the company. Each one of us bears the responsibility to convey our values, principles and our thoughts to the outside world.


The environment is our heart

Habitzl Martin

We are committed to nature and environmental protection. We aim to continually improve environmental sustainability in all areas of the company, to reduce our carbon footprint and thus achieve the goal of a negative carbon footprint.


We grow and regain our health in tune with humans and nature

We are convinced that ecology, economics and social issues are not a contradiction. We rely on healthy business growth and sustainable economic success. The main objectives are to increase public welfare, to promote organics and to strive to enthuse as many people as possible through our values ​​and our work.


We strive for permanet improvement

Just growth is not enough for us. Rather, we want to improve ourselves on an ongoing basis. This applies to the quality of the products, environmental sustainability of the company, quality of work and the benefits for society.