The sun also laughs in the czech republic

Since 1992 the SONNENTOR sun has been laughing in the Czech Republic. This is how long the daughter company has existed in the Čejkovice region. And there is no end in sight to this success story.

Meanwhile more than 100 employees are filling SONNENTOR with life in neighboring South Moravia. The fact that it has come this far, however, was not a coincidence. At the time, it was anything but common in young EU member states for companies to undergo voluntary checks according to EU criteria. SONNENTOR set a good example and ensured that the Czech Republic could provide proof of implementation for EU Organic-Regulation 2092/91 within the scope of the Czech EU accession.


Because of SONNENTOR, the idea of organics not only made it through all the beaurocracy, but organic farming became trendy in the Czech Republic. This success is mainly due to regional development projects, which are based on fair and lasting partnerships. SONNENTOR contributes its entire organic-know-how and supports the partners in their projects. For shared joy is a double joy.

The economy around Čejkovice also benefits from the commitment of its neighbors from the Waldviertel region. But this is not about money alone. Rather, the daughter company of the organic pioneer is one of the largest employers in the region. And that makes the joy grow in the long term.

We have had the best of experiences in the Czech Republic. Especially the younger generation is looking for connections, common interests and cultural exchange - the best basis for a long-lasting, fruitful neighbourly relationship.

Johannes Gutmann

Czech Republic is well worth a visit

Transparency is one of the most important values ​​of the organic specialist. It is therefore no surprise that the Czech subsidiary also opens its doors to visitors. It is always an exciting experience to wander through the fragrant halls and to learn about the origin of the SONNENTOR tea infusion bags.

Bauer Helga 2

Not only is the herb paradise Čejkovice worth a trip for families, there is always something to do and see for school groups, companies and club trips. Applications for a tour can be sent to or +420 (0) 702/056505.

The trip can be rounded off with shopping at the SONNENTOR factory shop. With the SONNENTOR business in Brno, Czech Republic's second largest city, the organic specialist is bringing joy to two successful locations in Austria’s neighbouring country.

The two other subsidiaries and construction projects in Romania and Albania are similarly successful. And the laughing sun extends its rays further and further.