Germany - Partner & Marigolds

We have been fortunate to welcome German farmers to the SONNENTOR family in 2011. They share our values and we are excited to share the success of the SONNENTOR brand with them. Heinz and Jens Henrich are proud to be one of the  first German farmer families to grow organic crops for SONNENTOR. The farm has been in their family for four generations and it has been certified organic since 1978 .

Doris Pistel and Niels Hoffmann appreciate the enthusiasm and reliability of SONNENTOR and the contentment of their employees. Doris and Niels lovingly tend to the herbs and spices they grow for SONNENTOR. Doris Pistel always looks forward to seeing her marigolds flower because they represent the joy in her work.

For those who want to know

Bohnenkraut bio
savory org.
Hopfendolden bio
hops org.
Kamille bio
camomile org.
Saturejka bio
savory org.
Chmel bio
hops org.
Heřmánek bio
camomile org.
Kmín bio
caraway org.
Máta peprná bio
peppermint org.
Měsíček květ bio
calendula org.
Tymián bio
thyme org.
Máta okrouhlolistá bio
applemint org.
Ysop bio
hyssop org.
Meduňka bio
lemon balm org.

Fresh ingredients - carefully packed:

Tobie Tummy Spice Blend org. package

€ 3.49
€ 6.98/100g
VAT incl., plus shipping
Currently not available

Nine Greens loose org.

€ 4.59
€ 76.50/1000g
VAT incl., plus shipping
€ 76.50/1000g

VAT incl., plus shipping

Grill Seasoning org. package

€ 2.39
€ 23.90/1000g
VAT incl., plus shipping
€ 23.90/1000g

VAT incl., plus shipping