Auf dem Feld in Kosovo


Organic farming as a driving force

About 2 million people live in Kosovo and approximately 350,000 of those work abroad. 60% of the people living in the country are unemployed, many existences are dependent on agriculture, industries are scarce.


In the country which is showing the scars of war, organic agriculture is an important sector that creates work for many.

Our local Kosovarian partner supports both an organically certified wild collection project and organic herb cultivation project: around 30 families supply SONNENTOR with organic herbs. In addition, there are a total of five organic certified wild collection zones, in which around 3430 registered collectors gather strawberries, elderberry blossoms, blackberry leaves, etc. for SONNENTOR. These are taken to 40 different locations where the collected raw materials are gently dried.

  • Bärlauch bio

    ramson org.

  • Basilikum bio

    basil org.

  • Brennnessel bio

    stinging nettle org.

  • Brombeerblätter bio

    blackberry leaves org.

  • Erdbeerblätter bio

    strawberry leaves org.

  • Frauenmantel bio

    ladies mantle org.

  • Gänseblümchen bio

    daisies org.

  • Hagebutten bio

    rosehip org.

  • Heidelbeeren bio

    blueberries org.

  • Himbeerblätter bio

    raspberry leaves org.

  • Himbeerstücke bio

    raspberry pieces org.

  • Holunderblüten bio

    elderflowers org.

  • Kamille bio

    camomile org.

  • Kornblumen bio

    cornflowers org.

  • Lindenblüten bio

    linden (lime) flowers org.

  • Pfefferminze bio

    peppermint org.

  • Quendel bio

    wild thyme org.

  • Quittenfrüchte bio

    quince org.

  • Salbei bio

    sage org.

  • Schafgarbe bio

    yarrow org.

  • Walderdbeeren bio

    wild strawberries org.