Thomas Perger


Chicken paradise at the organic Perger farm.

The Pergers are clever people. Hedwig, Josef and their son Thomas grow fennel, refreshing spearmint, fragrant peppermint and regal anise for SONNENTOR at their organic farm in Bruck an der Leitha. Plants thrive well in this area which is known for its particularly fertile soil, and the Pergers, for their diligence and helpfulness.


The Pergers are hard-working. In winter, they clear the roads from the snow, early in the morning, so that everyone in the village gets to work on time. In the summer, they organise the collection point and transport of the fragrant herbs from their village to SONNENTOR in Sprögnitz. The Pergers have made many of their machines themselves and are continually refining them to improve the quality of their herbs and spices. This is especially appreciated by the visitors at their farm shop. In addition to teas, spices and home-grown vegetables, the shop offers fresh eggs from their organic chickens, which can peck and cackle to their heart’s content in a generous chicken paradise.  

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