Gerhard Perger


Future-oriented cycles with biodynamic momentum.

Does organic-dynamic Demeter agriculture go with professional agricultural technologies and process optimisation? Yes! Gerhard has been proving this for many years on his fertile farmland on the plains around Bruck an der Leitha and he is proud of it. He is continually trying to improve sustainable soil management which led him to cooperate with Anton Unger’s Demeter operation in Mannersdorf. The cattle manure from the Unger farm is used as a high-quality fertiliser on the fields of the Perger farm. In return, Anton’s cattle are spoiled with top quality feed - a perfect cycle!


This proves that Gerhard takes the quality of his work very seriously. In addition, despite a high level of automation, he handles his spices and herbs with care. This delights SONNENTOR who Gerhard supplies with lavender, mallow, sage, oregano, parsley and fennel. By the way, Gerhard uses his enthusiasm for closed cycles and irresistible biodynamic drive in the renewable energies sector as a member of the board of the Bruck renewable energy park.

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