Anthofer Family

Dill Sonnentor | © SONNENTOR

The organic farming couple with passion for specialties from the Waldviertel region

Siegrun and Franz Anthofer are special just like their food specialties such as grey poppy seeds and caraway from the Waldviertel region. They go to great lengths to produce top quality herbs and spices and process them to perfection. Perfection makes us think of caraway, a sweet-smelling spice that gives traditional Waldviertel pork roast with sauerkraut its typical aromatic flavour. Caraway is also a tried and tested bread spice. Speaking of bread, the Anthofer’s appetite for local specialties led them to setting up a bakery where they are happily experimenting with creating different breads.  

By the way, experimenting and trying out new things is a hobby of Franz, who is also a qualified carpenter. Together with his son, he developed a grain husking and cleaning plant. This has set him up to do everything directly on the farm, growing grains, husking, cleaning and grinding them. Their grains are used in breads and rolls with poppy seeds, sunflower and sesame rolls, bread sticks with cheese, poppy seed brioche and much more in their bakery. Try their "Cheery” bread stick with Lászlós goulash when you visit our organic restaurant ‘Leibspeis’.

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