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Schmidt family

Koriander Sonnentor | © SONNENTOR

The soulful herbalist and the truly great organic expert.

When you look at Andreas’ hands, you know right away that he gets the job done. There are many on the farm outside the village of Neudorf. The Schmidts grow anise, fennel, caraway, coriander and more for SONNENTOR. In 2008, the family was awarded the "Golden Sickle" - the SONNENTOR Oscar among organic farmers.

When you visit the Schmidts, you cannot miss Maria’s splendid flower and herb garden. It is a delight, just like Maria’s irresistible smile. Maria had plans to become a kindergarten teacher, but when she met Andreas, those plans changed and instead, she looks after her many flower and herbal ‘children’ with great passion. Everything that is done with love can grow especially big, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Maria's herbs are particularly sumptuous and five children have been added to their family.

For those who want to know

Fenchel bio | © SONNENTOR
fennel org.
Anis bio | © SONNENTOR
anise org.
Kümmel bio | © SONNENTOR
caraway org.
Blau-Mohn bio | © SONNENTOR
blue poppy seed org.
Koriander bio | © SONNENTOR
coriander org.
Alfalfa bio | © SONNENTOR
alfalfa org.