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Book "Kraftvolle Gewürz-Küche"

<div>A cookbook for healthy spirits</div>
<div>with SONNENTOR recipes</div>
<div>A small pinch with a big impact</div>
<div>Spices have an exciting history. They were thrown into Stone Age pots, they sent priests into the spiritual world, and even started wars! Today, they are available in abundance, however, they are often neglected in our cooking. This is a shame because spices, herbs, seeds, roots and barks not only make dishes a special treat, but are also invaluable for our health. This cookbook makes it easy to harness their precious powers . A pinch is all you need. Get inspired by a varied selection of recipes and discover the flavours of herbs and spices in your cooking - every day.</div>

Here is a little look in the book!

For those who want to know:

This product does not contain any allergens