30 years of SONNENTOR

We are celebrating our anniversary

More than ever, SONNENTOR stands for sustainability, social responsibility, pioneering thinking and doing things differently. More than 300 people have found work and thus meaningful employment at SONNENTOR. In addition to specialist organic retailers, the wide SONNENTOR range of around 900 products is also available in about 30 franchise stores. It all started in 1988, when unemployed Johannes Gutmann decided to become self-employed. His idea was to promote organic products grown by farmers in the Waldviertel region, where he originates from and where SONNENTOR is still based today. His goal was to be able to earn a living with herbs and spices. Back in the 80s, when organics were uncommon, he was ridiculed for his idea. This has changed. Today, we at SONNENTOR want to inspire you with a colorful assortment of teas, spices and sustainable gift ideas. And we promise you - the future holds many more delicious, novel and splendid things for your plate.

Pfeffer rosa

Raise your cups: 30 years of Cheery Tea

Cheery Tea has been rocking our assortment right from the start and is still one of our bestselling teas today. That's why we got our Cheery Tea a new party outfit to celebrates our anniversary in. Just like it was done 30 years ago, the herbs that go into this tea are still packaged by hand.
A flower in the viewing window of this and many other loose teas represents our handmade products. It can only be place there by hand. Let our joy inspire you!


Only good news is good news

Even after 30 years, we don’t rest on our laurels, but have taken our birthday as an opportunity to wrap our loose medicinal herbs and herbal mixtures in a new design. By doing so, our herbal expertise puts the treasures that grow on our doorstep at the centre of attention. High-quality herbal teas with leaves and flowers that are rich in valuable essential oils have always been our passion. In 1988, three organic farmers used to grow fragrant herbs for SONNENTOR in our Waldviertel homeland. Those three farmers are still part of the SONNENTOR family, and today, it’s the second and third generation of farmers on those same farms that produce our valuable herbs and spices. Now, numerous farmers and their cultivation projects all over the world are part of the SONNENTOR family. Adding value to our organic products will always happen where it should -  with the people who put their heart and soul into producing them.