Gifts for Mother's Day

Lovely and delightful gifts for Mother's Day!

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Alles Liebe

Our mothers do incredible things for us: they comfort us, are constant companions and reliable supporters. They give us roots and wings. We can say "thank you" at any time, but especially on Mother's Day which is usually on the 2nd Sunday in May.

Breakfast for the best mum in the world

A gorgeous flower bouquet, a lovingly set breakfast table or home-made art: this is what mums love the most. We can help with breakfast! Brew some fragrant “All the best” tea, open up a jar of sweet and floral rose jelly for buttered bread and sprinkle “All the best” blossom-spice salt on her breakfast egg. Delightful!

A tea says more than 1,000 words

“All the best” herbal tea and “Thank you!” tea help expressing what we feel in our heart. These finely balanced herbal tea mixtures offer a relaxing start to Mother's Day.


Finest chocolate for special people

A variety of finest chocolates cater for those with a sweet tooth. Mothers will appreciate the loving wishes and illustrations that adorn their packaging.

Gift package for Mother's Day

The “All the best” – gift box is a lovingly put together gift set with “All the best” blossom-spice mix, soothing “All the best” tea, fruity-vanilla spelt biscuits and mouthwatering “All the best” chocolate.


Surprise the best mum in the world with a trip to the SONNENTOR world of herbs and spices and enjoy a day full of culinary surprises and sensory pleasures. Admission to our 2.30pm tour is free for all mothers.