Five helpers make all well again!

Discover the power of spices for your well-being.

Too much stress, too much and too rich food, not enough rest. When everyday life throws you off track, it's time to fight energy thieves. Nutrition plays an important role, because our well-being is directly related to our diet.


Spices are given a special place here. Whether thyme, caraway, turmeric or ginger - the trend to superfoods trend has increased our awareness of those powerhouses. Although ancient knowledge of the special effect of spices seemed forgotten, our people here in the Waldviertel have always been convinced that there is the right herb for every ailment.

 However, it can be tricky to keep track of the benefits of all the individual herbs and spices. To make this easy, we have enlisted Mother Nature's crew from the ‘It’s all good!’ spice range. Toby Tummy, Hatty Head, Dita Detox, Irma Immune and Conrad Calm will help you face the challenges of everyday life with ease.