Olive leaf tea in 3 varieties

Longing for a vacation? The olive leaf teas are like the mediterranean sea in a cup.

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Yes, you have heard it right. Besides the fruit of the olive tree, its leaves are also one of the many treasures from the Mediterranean. Olive Leaf Tea is made from unfermented leaves, retaining the beneficial goodness found naturally in the fresh leaf. Its flavour is reminiscent of grassy Sencha green tea, but without the caffeine, making it an exciting alternative.

Olive Leaf Tea goes particularly well with Mediterranean and savoury dishes as it is easily digested. It can be enjoyed in the evening and as a pleasurable drink after sports. It comes in loose or in convenient tea bags, Olive Leaf Tea can be served in the blink of an eye. In addition to the unblended tea, Olive Leaf Tea is also available in two delicious blended varieties.

In Siberia tea bricks were used as a payment method (until the 20th century).

Olive Leaf Lemongrass Tea has a lovely yellow-green colour and a refreshing citrusy smell. Its flavours are a delightful blend of lemony lemongrass, sweet burnet and the tart and grassy notes of olive leaves. It tastes wonderful with cold fruity desserts.

Olive Leaf and Mediterranean Herbs tea blend shines vibrant light green with subtle yellow nuances and smells slightly spicy and sweet with a delicate lemony note. The flavours of Mediterranean herbs and grassy olive notes result in a harmonious tea composition. This tea is the perfect companion for savoury dishes.