Souping - the new detox trend

Eating soup has never been hipper. Souping is the name of the new detox trend that highlights the nutritious value of soups.

The trend used to be juice, or smoothie, but now it’s soup. The advantage of soup is that vegetables and fruits are cooked and therefore suitable for those whose stomachs disagree with eating them raw. Soups come in many variations, colours and combinations. They can be eaten hot or cold to detox the body.

Pfeffer bunt Löffel

Souping is the new juicing

Juices often contain a lot of sugar, which is why soup fasting is much easier on the body. When combined with the right fats, fiber and proteins, the body can easily absorb the nutrients. A pot of soup contains all components of a healthy meal.


How does souping work?

Some people detox with soups every two to three months, others only once a year. The idea behind Souping is to flush toxins out of the body and to supply the body with healthy, whole and unprocessed foods, in the sense of "clean eating".

Flavour enhancers, additives, excessive salt as well as conventional food contaminated with pesticides are out and organic products are in. Hard-to-digest ingredients such as whipped cream should be left out and spices, such as ginger, coriander or turmeric, can be used extensively. The process is simple: every meal of the day is replaced with soup.