Spice Journey around the world!

Rodriguez's Chili con Carne & Barbossas Caribbean Kitchen Spice Blend

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SONNENTOR invites you to join them on a culinary “Spice Journey around the World” with twelve exciting spice mixtures. Intriguing fragrances, flavours and colours that take you to Africa, America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia will awaken your curiosity to discover new things. What are the tastes of colourful India? Cooking the American way? What does the legendary oriental coffee culture have in store for us? And back in Europe, SONNENTOR surprises with special aromatic flavours for local home cooking. All those spice mixtures inspire experimenting and bring travel adventure to the kitchen - pack without a suitcase and book tickets.


Rodriguez' Chili con CarneRodriguez' Chili con Carne-Gewürz bio, 40 gRodriguez's Chili con Carne organic Organic Spice Blend€ 3.29 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

It’s time for some fiery Mexican food! This spice mix with paprika, tomatoes, oregano, garlic and chili, is versatile and can be used in Mexican cuisine such as stews, chili sin carne, noodles, rice or minced meat dishes.

Barbossas Karibische KücheBarbossas Karibische Küche bio, 25 gBarbossas Caribbean Kitchen Spice Blend organic Organic Spice Preparation€ 3.29 inkl. 10 % MwSt.

Caribbean flavours in your own home! This exciting blend of lemongrass, coriander and mango refines fish, shrimp, white meat and vegetables in a very exotic way.