NEW: Teapot bags - tea delights for the enthusiast

Good times for tea lovers - SONNENTOR tea pot bags have more room for your tea enjoyment

from € 5.29

One pyramid tea bag holds enough tea to turn 500ml of water into a delicious hot drink. Coarse leaves and big fruit pieces guarantee a teapot-filled flavour experience. Perfect when enjoyed with friends or when one cup of tea is just not enough!

10 delightful varieties guarantee a heavenly tea enjoyment – pure or blended, our “A Teapot of Joy” selection combines all varieties in one package to be enjoyed or given as a gift!

By the way: tea bags are made from corn starch and are compostable!


The 10 varieties at a glance:

Like a fresh breeze, Pure Peppermint, provides a peppy start to the day.

A pure refreshment!

Slightly tart and wonderfully floral aromas are characteristics of Bi Luo Chun Pure Green Tea, making it the perfect companion for breakfast or sweet dessert.

Pleasantly malty aromas of Pure Darjeeling delight every black tea lover. The amber tea is equally stellar with breakfast croissants in the morning as it has as the perfect 5 o'clock tea.

Malty, fragrant and powerful, Pure Assam lifts tired spirits. This rich black tea is a pleasure if drunk pure or with a dash of milk.

Running barefoot through the meadow – a wonderful feeling conjured up by this lovely herbal tea with flowery notes. A gentle tea that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Breathing in the forest air anytime with this hearty-aromatic herbal tea. A flavoursome walk in the woods.

Lemony-fresh and slightly spicy, this tea blend with ginger entices your taste buds. Traveling with the sun has never been easier.

Chocoholics take note! Enjoying the taste of chocolate without any regrets. This tea is made with cacao shells, fruits and spices which give it delicious chocolaty and slightly sweet flavours. Coarse cacao shells, fruit pieces and spices conjure up a particularly intense tea enjoyment.

Nibbling from the fruit basket allowed. The fruity-sweet tea blend is a wonderful companion for baking and fresh fruits.

Dancing in the tea garden - with this delicious green tea mixture. Delicate, fresh and with a hint of lemon, the taste profile delivers a perfect tea refreshment - ideal as ice tea or a basis for tea cocktails.

So much choice can make it tricky to decide. No need! SONNENTOR has packed all those varieties into the “A Teapot of Joy” variety box. Ideal for sampling and to give as a gift.