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Savory organic

Savory is the herb of choice for beans and other legumes, but it also finds good use with potatoes and other root vegetables. Its aroma is reminiscent of marjoram and thyme and leaves a long-lasting, refreshing taste on the palate. It also plays an important part in the cuisine of the Balkans and it gives Bulgarian cabbage wraps their typical taste. Add at the end of the cooking time.

For those who want to know:

  • Bohnenkraut bio

    savory org.

Store in a cool and dry place.

vegan, vegetarian, without addition of salt

  • organic
  • packe by hand
  • direct trade
  • eco packaging

The ingredients are from: NEUNER FAMILY, PISTEL & HOFFMANN FAMILIES , Albania, Austria

Note: In order to ensure the availability in the event of crop failures and supply bottlenecks, the raw material can come from another farmer or country of origin.

This product does not contain any allergens

  • calorific value: 905 kJ
  • calorific value: 220 kcal
  • fat: 2.40 g
  •    - thereof sat. fatty acid: 0.70 g
  • carbohydrate: 16.50 g
  •    - thereof sugar: 3.10 g
  • protein: 6.50 g
  • salt: 0.01 g