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Gingerbread Time organic

You can’t get enough Gingerbread? With this tea we make your life easy and cinnamon sweet. It tastes wonderfully of delicious gingerbread. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy it on a chilly day. It goes beautifully with wintery desserts and spicy curries. Gingerbread in your cup!
Steep time in minutes: 8-10 / water temperature in ° C: 100

For those who want to know:

  • Buchweizen geröstet bio

    buckwheat roasted org.

  • Süßes Brombeerblatt bio

    blackberry leaves sweet org.

  • Zimt Cassia bio

    cinnamon Cassia org.

  • Blutorange bio

    blood orange org.

  • Piment bio

    allspice org.

  • Buchweizenkraut bio

    buckwheat herb org.

  • Tulsi (Indisches Basilikum) bio

    Tulsi basil org.

  • Ingwer bio (gemahlen)

    ginger ground org.

  • Nelken bio

    cloves org.

  • Sternanis bio

    star anise org.

  • Anis bio

    anise org.

  • Kardamom bio

    cardamom org.

  • Pfeffer schwarz bio

    pepper black org.

Store in a cool and dry place.

vegan, without garlic, free of yeast, vegetarian, without addition of salt

  • organic
  • eco packaging

This product does not contain any allergens

  • calorific value: 1173 kJ
  • calorific value: 282 kcal
  • fat: 3.46 g
  •    - thereof sat. fatty acid: 0.79 g
  • carbohydrate: 30.16 g
  •    - thereof sugar: 6.29 g
  • protein: 11.76 g
  • salt: 0.24 g