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Dancing in the Garden Green Tea organic

The sun’s rays on your skin! This wonderful green tea mix prompts memories of warm summer rain and flowering fruit trees in spring. Irresistible! It can be enjoyed cold and warm. The leaves in the compostable teabag are only roughly crushed and therefore conjure a particularly intense enjoyment in the teapot. Let the joy in!
Steep time in minutes: 5-7 / water temperature in ° C: 80

For those who want to know:

  • Chinesischer Grüntee bio

    green tea org., 42%

  • Apfelminze bio

    applemint org., 17.2%

  • Olivenblätter bio

    olive leaves org.

  • Lemongras bio

    lemongrass org.

  • Zitronenschalen bio

    lemon peel org., 9.3%

  • Sonnenblumenblütenblätter bio

    sunflower petals org.

  • Rosenblüten bio

    rose buds org.

  • Kornblumen bio

    cornflowers org.

Store in a cool and dry place.

vegan, also suitable for cold infusion, vegetarian, without addition of salt

  • organic
  • packe by hand
  • eco packaging

This product does not contain any allergens

  • calorific value: 1030 kJ
  • calorific value: 247 kcal
  • fat: 3.75 g
  •    - thereof sat. fatty acid: 1.08 g
  • carbohydrate: 15.44 g
  •    - thereof sugar: 5.68 g
  • protein: 16.06 g
  • salt: 0.02 g