A plate with the one pot pasta served sits next to the baking dish with the remaining pasta as it came out of the oven. The pasta consists of penne noodles, pieces of tomato, lentils and carrot pieces and is garnished with basil leaves. | © SONNENTOR
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One Pot Bolognese

Everything in one pot - a quick and delicious Bolognese variation.
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  • vegetarian
for persons
ca. 45 minutes




2 quarters of the baked white cabbage are on the plate, sprinkled and surrounded by the pistachio pesto and pieces of pistachio, decorated with parsley leaves and served with golden cutlery. | © SONNENTOR
Baked cabbage with harissa
You've never eaten such great white cabbage! - refined with balsamic vinegar, honey, pistachios and the spicy harissa, it is simply unmistakably delicious!
The finished fan-melanzani lies with cutlery on a long plate, in the background you can see a flowerpot with coriander and cocktail tomato next to a tea towel. | © SONNENTOR
Fan Melanzani
This oven-cooked aubergine with ajvar and feta, topped with herbs all'Italiana, cannot be surpassed in taste!
 A feta cream is spread on a board, topped with cucumber, tomato and olive pieces and some olive oil and sprinkled with the Greek salad seasoning. | © SONNENTOR
Feta board
With the Greek salad seasoning and the crunchy cucumbers and fresh tomatoes on the feta cream, this feta board can hardly be surpassed in taste.