Experience the history of the area, expand your herbal knowledge, learn about the nature’s life cycles and about permaculture, taste, smell, feel nature and be amazed about the variety of herbs and spices here at SONNENTOR.

There is a lot to discover at SONNENTOR. Regular guided tours through our herb scented warehouses and processing rooms of SONNENTOR let visitors look behind the scenes of their herb and tea production plant where they create their organic treasures.


During guided tours at the SONNENTOR organic farm"Frei-Hof" (free farm), you will learn how working with nature’s natural cycles can be achieved and you will get useful tips and tricks for your garden. The "Frei-Hof" would like to prove that it is possible to manage an independent and self-sufficient life on an organic farm without using any chemicals and without the help of agricultural government subsidies.

Visitors can combine their visit in the Waldviertel with one of the many seminars and workshops on offer here at SONNENTOR, or join us for our many festivities and events for young and old.

The "Genuss-Reich" in the main house, the organic restaurant "Leibspeis'" and the adjoining tea salon “Tea-Time” look after visitor’s culinary Needs.

Immerse yourself in the SONNENTOR experience!

The air in the Waldviertel is clear and clean. One does not just live here, one is in tune with oneself. The reason behind this could be the gentle hillsides, the waters and forests, or the Waldviertel’s mysterious stone structures.

Nestled into the idyllic landscape of fields, forests and meadows, the SONNENTOR experience inspires you to look after natural resources and take responsible actions to achieve a prosperous future for our planet. With the aim of sharing our knowledge and values, you will learn everything about the company’s history, the production and origin of our products and get an insight into a possible way how we can live sustainably and in harmony with nature and the environment.

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