Familie beim Essen im Bio-Gasthaus Leibspies' | © Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum


Organic delights & hospitality. Whether you feel like a hot cup of tea, a fragrant coffee and a piece of cake, or a substantial meal, we will serve you 100% organic, seasonal and regional food and beverages.
 100 %  BIO & REGIOnaL 


The organic restaurant of SONNENTOR in Sprögnitz!

Leibspeis' is the German word for ones favourite dish. Created with love and passion and served with the dedication to seasonal, regional, directly from the farmer, fresh & purely organic ingredients – of course.

Whether hearty local delicacies, vegan and vegetarian goodies or sweet local baked delights...they will be seasoned with the herbs and spices that thrive around the house, or which find their way to us through worldwide fair partnerships. Knowing what goes into one’s favourite dish – now, all of us can taste it and enjoy it. 


A whole world of fine teas. This is what lovers of tea will find in the tea salon ‘Tea Time’. Here you can drink your way ‘around the world in 80 cups’ and enjoy an endless variety of aromas in a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere. Order your favorite tea, which we prepare in a traditional ceremony, take your senses on a global journey and taste the flavours of the most exquisite teas from around the world.

Your journey can start right now.

In the photo you can see pink pepper. | © SONNENTOR