What’s popping? Buy organic poppy seed products from Waldviertel!

Poppy seeds belong to the Waldviertel region like Schnitzel to Vienna. The small black seeds have it all in terms of flavour and they can be used in all sorts of Austrian delicacies. For example, try our traditional organic SONNENTOR poppy seed tents (Mohnzelten), flat buns with poppy seed filling.

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Photo from a poppy pod. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of Sonnentor founder Hannes Gutmann. | © SONNENTOR

Why buy SONNENTOR poppy seed products?

Poppy seeds and the Waldviertel simply belong together. Of course, they can't be missing in the SONNENTOR range either. Here you will find delicious organic poppy seed products, lovingly handcrafted by traditional Waldviertel companies. Shop now and enjoy!

What can you discover here?

Organic poppy seed products that get your heart beating for the Waldviertel region.

  • Delicious organic poppy seed tents, which you may also know as "Mohnzuzler": potato dough with a juicy poppy seed filling, available vegetarian or vegan.

Organic poppy seed products from SONNENTOR - why buy them?

The Waldviertel is known for its harsh climate, its strong-willed people, for its barren soil (which is ideal for growing herbs) and for poppies.

Embark on a culinary journey of discovery with the organic poppy seed products from SONNENTOR and discover your love for the Waldviertel. By the way, a trip to the Waldviertel is particularly worthwhile when the poppies are in bloom: the fields glow in spectacular shades of red and pink.

SONNENTOR poppy seed products – when to enjoy them?

Organic poppy seed tents are great for all sorts of occasions. Why don't you try it?

  • as a sweet accompaniment to coffee or tea,
  • as a small dessert,
  • as a sweet snack,
  • as a delicious treat.

SONNENTOR organic poppy seed products

Are you looking for a gift that is very typical of the Waldviertel? You have found what you are looking for! Organic poppy seed tents and organic Waldviertel poppy seed biscuits are true culinary landmarks. Click now and add them to the shopping cart