Chai Tea: spices you can drink

Chai Latte and Turmeric Tea - these spicy drinks have been trending for a long time. But local spices such as fennel and anise also like to find their way into the teacup. Whether loose or in practical tea bags - discover the large selection of spice teas in the SONNENTOR online shop.

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In the photo you can see turmeric. | © SONNENTOR
Photo of a wooden spice shovel with colorful spices on it. | © SONNENTOR

Chai - the classic

In many parts of the world "chai" simply means tea. What is known as "Chai" is actually Chai Masala - black tea that is refined with spices such as cloves, cinnamon and fennel. Our Chai Teas bring this Indian national drink to your home. In addition to the classic blend with black tea, you will also find blends with rooibos and spices in the SONNENTOR online shop.

Make your own Chai Latte

With our Chai Teas You can easily make Chai Latte yourself. All you need is a bag of chai tea, milk and sugar or honey. For a quick Chai Latte, simply use our SONNENTOR Chai Syrup. Add it to hot or cold milk - done! A sweet treat on the go.

Turmeric teas

Turmeric, Indian saffron - this great tuber from India has many names and many more beneficial properties that make it an indispensable spice in the kitchen. Turmeric also cuts a fine figure in the teacup. Discover turmeric with rooibos, flowers or ginger in the SONNENTOR online shop.

Tip: You can also enjoy turmeric as a latte. You can easily order the ready-made mixtures for milk here.

Regional spice teas

We love exotic spices, but local varieties such as fennel, anise and caraway are absolute heroes when it comes to your gut feeling. A cup of fennel tea can help sore tummies from an early age on. We have combined our locally grown trio into a wholesome mixture. Drink this throughout the day or as a digestif after hearty dishes – say goodbye to uncomfortable feelings in your stomach.

Christmas teas

Everyone who has tried punch knows that spices simply belong in the cup. Cinnamon, gingerbread and cloves immediately get us in the Christmas mood. Discover our fine selection of Christmas varieties such as Gingerbread Time, Heavenly Christmas Delight Tea or Mulled Wine Spices.