Let your worries go up in smoke!

Incense burning is one of the oldest crafts in our culture. With or without charcoal, burning herbs is a unique experience. The mixtures "Joy", "Relaxation", "Cleansing" and "Contemplation" bring pleasant scents to your living area and clear the air.

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Why buy incense and incense accessories from SONNENTOR?

Incense burning is one of the oldest rituals in the world. Incense rituals were practised in ancient Greece and Rome. Incense is very beneficial for our mind and soul.

Burning herbs and spices creates aromatic scents that ensure that we feel grounded in our homes. Burning sage is particularly well-known. Add our equally renowned incense mixtures to your incense collection.

What can you discover here?

Incense mixtures and accessories for experienced users and beginners who want to learn how to burn incense.

Incense and incense accessories from SONNENTOR - why buy?

In our latitudes, incense is associated with customs and religious believes. The scent of incense is in the air in local churches and we traditionally burn incense during the twelve Rough Nights around the turn of the year.

Anyone who wants to enjoy moments of relaxation and cleansing in their home can burn herbs, spices and resins all year round. Harmony and a cosy atmosphere guaranteed!

Incense burning with herbs and spices - how does it work?

It is very easy and in just three steps you'll find fragrant happiness.

  1. Cleanse: Use a generous amount of the "Cleansing" blend. Burn it until the whole room is filled with a comforting scent and smoke. Then open up all the windows and air out the room!
  2. Harmonise: Use the "Relaxation" blend and let it burn until the room is filled with its fine scents and smoke. Then open the window and let the smoke escape!
  3. Energise: Use the "Joy" or "Contemplation" blend this time. Both mixtures are excellent for this step. You can use them liberally  and ventilate the room if needed.

Incense and incense accessories from SONNENTOR

If you want your loved ones to be able to enjoy lovely smells and a cosy atmosphere in their homes, this is the place to buy incense and incense accessories from SONNENTOR. They are the perfect gift for herbal magicians and anyone who wants to carry on this ancient tradition. Discover the SONNENTOR world of incense!