Vouchers for organic and sustainable products? Shop here!

Are you at a loss and don't know what to give? Easter, Christmas, birthdays, Santa Claus, anniversaries, or just as a gift - vouchers from SONNENTOR always fit. Treat your loved ones to the fragrant world of herbs and spices.

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Why give vouchers?

Do you want to give someone sustainable joy? What a good idea. Our world can use more green gifts. If you want to leave the choice up to the recipient you have come to the right place.

With SONNENTOR, you give twice as much joy: these gifts are organic and ecological. The recipients will be amazed by our large selection of spices, teas, coffees, and sweet treats. Make someone happy today!

What vouchers are there to discover here?

Vouchers for sustainable gifts to print out yourself using the Print@Home method or have them sent to you.

SONNENTOR vouchers: who would enjoy them the most?

They are the right gift for those who care about certified organic products or for whom sustainability has become increasingly important. You are always on the right track with SONNENTOR vouchers because we more than 800 products to choose from.

All SONNENTOR products are certified organic and sustainable. This is how you do good for our planet and for the voucher recipient.

Giving vouchers: what do I need to consider?

The vouchers give the recipient access to the entire SONNENTOR range:

  • SONNENTOR shops: You can discover the world of herbs and spices in over 30 shops in Germany and Austria.
  • SONNENTOR online shop: More than 800 products are waiting to be discovered and tasted by you.
  • Seminars and courses: You can learn new things about our Frei-Hof farm, about plants, herbs, and permaculture (seminars by franchise partners excluded).
  • Land-Lofts: Vouchers can now also be redeemed for Land-Lofts bookings.
  • Organic Restaurant Leibspeis': 100% organic, regional and seasonal cuisine at Leibspeis'. Discover organic delights - vegetarian and vegan delicacies and specialties with fish and meat.

SONNENTOR vouchers: sustainable gifts!

SONNENTOR vouchers spread joy. Herbs, spices, and much more are waiting to be discovered and tasted. Organic and sustainable pleasure for family and friends. Shop now!