In the photo you can see a lot of fresh herbs. | © SONNENTOR

Quality requirements & organic certification

Good things take time. This ageless wisdom is the basis for our quality guidelines.

Nature doesn’t need to be helped artificially. Neither dyes nor artificial aromas or even preservatives taint the SONNENTOR flavours. Healthy soil, the sensitive handling of nature and the experience gathered over many years make the SONNENTOR products natural and genuine.

Black and white photo of farmer Andreas Prohaska. He carries a large sack on his shoulder. In the background is yellow color. | © SONNENTOR

Farm audits

An important part of quality management is also the cooperation with us and our contract farmers. For this reason, so-called field days are held regularly.

These field days are used to exchange experiences on both sides, to discuss operational and organisational requirements for SONNENTOR farmers, to correct various possible errors and deficiencies, and ultimately, to improve the quality of SONNENTOR products. These field days are therefore an important component in the quality assurance system of SONNENTOR. The experience and care farmers take with their produce as well as the dedication to manual work as well as longstanding tradition contribute to the excellent quality of the herb and spice mixtures of SONNENTOR.

Quality assurance

In th photo you can see Greek Mountain Tea. | © SONNENTOR

Comprehensive quality assurance measures ensure high-quality SONNENTOR products from controlled organic cultivation.

Quality assurance begins with a strict incoming inspection (sensors, contamination, complaints, etc.). All raw materials and packaged products must meet SONNENTOR specifications and Quality criteria. Subsequently, the raw materials are microbiologically analysed and on various spraying agents in accredited laboratories. If the analysis is satisfactory, the raw material is released for production. In the following production areas, highly sensitive metal detectors and magnets are used to determine any metallic impurities. Continuous visual inspections for impurities round off our strict quality assurance measures.

Quality management

By applying a company specific Total Quality Management System (TQMS) processes and responsibilities are regulated and the required quality can be met. The introduced TQMS is documented in a quality manual (QMH) and describes the status of quality management Guidelines.

The competency of SONNENTOR quality management is based on our own cultivation by our farmers in controlled and certified organic farms. This way, we can always trace the origin of every single product. Healthy soils, sensitive handling and decades of experience are contributing factors that turn plants into genuine SONNENTOR herbs. The products are free from dyes, preservatives, artificial aromas and are carefully processed into over 700 products. Many of the work steps are done by hand and not by machines. This ensures that the good taste of natural ingredients is finally contained in every tea and spice.

Photo of elderflowers. | © SONNENTOR

Organic guarantee

For us, ORGANICS are is an enjoyable necessity.

SONNENTOR is continuously monitored and was one of the first sales organisation in Austria to fulfill EU regulation for organic agriculture.

SONNENTOR is controlled by the control centre "Austria Bio Garantie" with the control number AT-BIO-301.

  • AT: State (Austria)
  • BIO: organic product
  • 301: Number of the control centre

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