In the photo you can see an organic field. | © SONNENTOR


A Frei-Hof an independent farm is born.
Black and white photo of farmer Kainz Kurt with a box fillex with fresh herbs. In the background there is red color. | © SONNENTOR


he idea of ​​implementing an economically independent farm at SONNENTOR is as old as our company itself. After all, the sign of a free farmer has always been the door marked with 24 sun rays. So, one might well say we are returning to our roots. And, according to permaculture principles, they are flourishing.

We do not place a modern greenhouse on our pristine, green Meadow.

New tractor, new greenhouse, new farm kitchen? Not with us! In the spirit of permaculture, our farmers and permaculture experts breathe new life into an old four-side farmyard in Sprögnitz. Repairing instead of buying new things, recycling instead of throwing away, sharing instead of hoarding.  The Frei-Hof is 100% biologically managed, of Course!

Permaculture - Revolution camouflaged as gardening

At the SONNENTOR Frei-Hof, herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetable varieties are to be nurtured. Whoever thinks that large areas are needed for this is wrong. Thanks to permaculture, humans and animals can live on approximately 4.5 hectares in harmony with nature. How does it work? Permaculture or "permanent agriculture" is based on energy-efficient and careful design of agricultural land. Monocultures and rigid structures are nowhere to be seen. At the Frei-Hof, every little plant finds the best place to spread. Permaculture is a robust and productive ecosystem that can support itself.

Permaculture goes beyond the field

Permaculture, however, does not stop at the vegetable patch, but goes much further. We also focus on sustainability in water and energy supply. The irrigation of growing areas is carried out by means of rain water storage, basic and drinking water is spared as far as possible. For the heating of the glass houses, biomeilers are used in which, with the help of oxygen, biomass is decomposed and heat is extracted. The compost material that is used is herbal waste from tea and spice production, among other things.

We support ourselves

Up to eight people are expected to work at the farm. In addition, the SONNENTOR Frei-Hof creates habitats for a range of animals. But not only our Frei-Hof residents enjoy that they can live of the land, but all employees at SONNENTOR enjoy the products coming from the organic farm. In addition to the SONNENTOR plant kitchen, the organic restaurant “Leibspeis” will be supplied with self-grown fruit and vegetables. For shared joy is a double joy.

The Sonnentor Frei-Hof is also open to visitors. We invite you to stop and explore!