Gesamtansicht des Bio-Bauernhof Frei-Hof samt Permakulturgarten | © SONNENTOR


Life is a farm! Independent and free, in tune with nature. No tricks, all organic and without agricultural subsidies. See for yourselves and start the "revolution masked as a gardening" with us.

Life is a Farm

IIn the Waldviertel, the sign of a free and independent farmer has always been a door marked with 24 rays of the sun, the SONNENTOR (gate with sun rays). This is not only based on the company name of SONNENTOR and their logo, but it is also the foundation of the vision of Johannes Gutmann. We want to show that today a farm can be managed in such a way that one can live of it independent of agricultural subsidies and free from chemical aids. Visit us and see for yourself!



Difficult soils and cold climate. The Waldviertel is said to have those characteristics. But whoever looks closely, gets to see a completely different side: the unobtrusive and quiet nature of the Waldviertel.

Yet, the organic farmers of the Waldviertel manage the land without fertilizer or pesticides and, just like every pot finds its lid, there are a lot of plants that appreciate this climate. Herbs such as peppermint and sage for example: They love the sandy ground that retains the heat and the power of the sun and appreciates the silicon in the granite, which reflects and intensifies the light. Those herbs thrive on fresh morning dew, which provides sufficient moisture for them to grow and prosper. That is why they stay in the soil for several years. There are also plants that only want to stay for just one year, like marigold, sunflower or common mallow, and that thrive here splendidly. Perhaps, because neither artificial fertilizers nor pesticides disturb their order.

In addition to these herb-friendly conditions, nature also needs the support of many experienced and helping hands. There are quite a few here in the Waldviertel. This is the way people are here: hard-working and deeply rooted in their tradition and their country. Their knowledge and experience has continuously been passed on from one generation to the next.


New tractor, new green house, new farm kitchen? Not quite, because we do not want to place a modern show farm on our unspoilt green meadows. Instead, an existing farm is adapted by farmers Sigrid and Andi and filled with new life. It does not need to be perfect, there is plenty of room for corners and edges – this is what makes the Frei-Hof so appealing. But we are flawless in one point - the Frei-Hof is turned into 100% permaculture, organic agriculture.


The SONNENTOR kitchen and the Organic Restaurant ‘Leibspeis‘’ are, as far as possible supplied with self-grown fruit and vegetables.


The Frei-Hof farmers Sigrid Drage and Andreas Voglgruber are passionate organic farmers and committed permaculture experts. They dare to attempt proving that self-sufficiency can work today.

Andreas Voglgruber

Only healthy soils yield good crops.

Growing up in Middle-Carinthia and being raised by parents who love gardening, was the inspiration for his studies of biology in Vienna. For the many questions that arose, he found answers for in permaculture. Therefore, he is just the man, to take care of soil fertility, variety diversity and product processing at the Frei-Hof.

Sigrid Drage

The key lies in ecological links.

As an ecologist and permaculturist, she focuses on the preservation and creation of diverse habitats, the interplay between living things and elements, and the promotion of nature at the Frei-Hof. Sigrid is a passionate gardener and cook. In both she loves variety and flavours.