"Chilled Jug": Send your kettle on a vacation!

Cool down instead of heating up? SONNENTOR's "Chilled Jug" varieties make it possible. The large pyramid bags contain coarsely chopped herbs and fruit, allowing you to enjoy delicious tea without hot water. Find out more about SONNENTOR's "Chilled Jug"!

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Illustration of a tree with various fruits on it. Next to it is a bear with a hedgehog on it picking the fruit. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of a lemon. | © SONNENTOR
In the photo you can see a ladybug carrying a basket full of cranberries. | © SONNENTOR

Why buy "Chilled Jug"?

"Chilled Jug" drinks are the perfect refreshment on hot days. They are also ideal for those who generally prefer cold drinks. The three varieties - Orange-Basil, Chocolate-Mint-Lemon Verbena and Strawberry-Ginger keep you hydrated.

Their taste is in no way inferior to their hot relatives. Roughly cut herbs ensure a fantastic taste and a visual highlight in the cup or teapot. Steep the tea bags (made of corn starch) in cold water for 30-45 minutes. The result is a special, homemade iced tea without any sugar or caffeine.

What can you discover here?

"Chilled Jugs" for hot days:

  • Three different flavours: Orange-Basil, Chocolate-Mint-Lemon Verbena and Strawberry-Ginger.
  • Packed in degradable corn starch bags without metal clips.
  • Roughly chopped fruits and herbs preserve the essential oils for a maximum taste experience.
  • A visual highlight for teapots and teacups.
  • Pure refreshment that ensures that you stay hydrated.

"Chilled Jugs" from SONNENTOR: How to prepare them?

SONNENTOR's "Chilled Jugs" are prepared with cold water. Use one tea bag per 250 ml of liquid. For a flavour and a visual upgrade, you can enhance the finished iced tea with colourful fruits, green herbs, delicious syrups or fresh fruit juices. The options are limitless.

"Chilled Jugs" by SONNENTOR: How do I go about it?

Would you like recipes for a delicious iced tea? Willingly! Find inspiration here:

  • Strawberry-Ginger iced tea: add 4 bags of Strawberry-Ginger "Chilled Jug" to 1 litre of ice-cold water, add a handful of fresh, chopped strawberries, 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, three slices of lemon and a sprig of peppermint and steep for about 30 minutes.
  • Chocolate Mint-Lemon Verbena iced tea: add 4 bags of  Chocolate-Mint-Lemon Verbena "Chilled Jug" to 1 litre of ice-cold water, add sliced orange and lemon balm leaves and steep for about 30 minutes.
  • Orange-Basil iced tea: add 4 bags of Orange-Basil "Chilled Jug" to 1 litre of ice-cold water, add half a mango cut into cubes, a handful of fresh basil leaves and three slices of lime and steep for about 30 minutes.

SONNENTOR "Chilled Jug": Giving joy and watching it grow.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a summer barbecue? Choose our six-pack of barbecue spices and "Chilled Jug" varieties. Put our "Chilled Jug" in your shopping cart right away.