Buy the best books about herbs and sustainability!

This is the place for you to learn more about sustainability, herbs, and organic farming. At SONNENTOR, you will find an excellent selection of books about herbs and reading material about sustainable agriculture. Browse now!

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Why buy books about herbs from SONNENTOR?

Books about herbs are best bought from the herbal specialist SONNENTOR. We have put together an exciting selection for you and your children.

You can find out more about sustainable agriculture with Johannes Gutmann as he explains in his three books that there are alternative ways of doing business.

What can you discover here?

Books about herbs, cookbooks, and books about sustainable management (available in German only):

What makes SONNENTOR books so special?

We have created an excellent selection of books about medicinal herbs and herbs for adults and children. They enrich your cooking repertoire with numerous recipes and suggestions for preserving and making things from scratch.

You will also find books about sustainable management, in which we highlight good governance and that organic farming is the way to a sustainable future for grandchildren.

Books about herbs at SONNENTOR – when to buy?

Buy books about herbs and spices, and about sustainable management if:

  • you are looking for cookbooks specifically about cooking with herbs and spices;
  • you want to learn more about herbs and spices or teach children about herbs and spices;
  • you want to know what wild herbs you can collect;
  • you would like to learn more about sustainable management;
  • you are looking for a meaningful gift.

SONNENTOR herb and spice books as gift

The books are an excellent gift for your loved ones and are packed with exciting information about herbs and spices and helpful tips. If you're looking for a valuable gift, you've come to the right place. Put together a beautiful gift box and spoil your loved ones with meaningful gifts.