Photo of a farmer next to a bush. | © SONNENTOR

We know no limitations when it comes to fairness and appreciation.

For at the end of the day, the world is a village.

Farmers are called fermierii in Romania and agricultores in Nicaragua. We know this because we are dealing directly with our global partners: in Tanzania, the Czech Republic, Albania, Germany, and Nicaragua and Romania. Other countries also have good herbs, the finest coffee (which does not grow in the Waldviertel) and magnificent flowers

Black and white photo of farmer Martin Reiser with a basket in his hand. In the background there is red color. | © SONNENTOR

Direct trade is fair!

By "direct trade" our fermerët (farmers in Albanian) receive fair prices for their products - with a 0.00% risk on price speculation or middle trade.

Why are we not Fairtrade certified? Because we do not want to rely on a logo when it comes to our valuable raw materials. Rather, we prefer to work directly with our farmers. This way, we can be 100% certain that their goods meet our high quality and organic standards. And that the farmers are paid fairly.

Regional produce - worldwide

At SONNENTOR, farmers benefit from the fruits of their work - and with them, whole regions. Due to the sustainable practice of our international cultivation partners, value is added to their products. Products are harvested by hand and processed on site. This creates jobs in rural areas and secures the existence of many farmers' families over several generations. Because organic cultivation protects the soils and sets the best conditions for long-term, fertile harvests.

We are convinced that this is the right path of international cooperation, and many more companies will eventually take the step towards direct trade. A start has been made.