Gifts for children: organic, fairly produced, and delicious.

One thing is sure when Bio-Bengelchen Constance, Moritz, and Leander fly over colourful meadows and fields: only the best herbs and fruits for children grow here. With SONNENTOR, you know you are buying excellent organic quality.

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Illustration of Leander jumping through the air with a chocolate ball. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of Bengelchen Moritz. He walks with a basket and a teddy bear in his hand. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of little boy Constanze. She is sitting on a branch and reading a book. | © SONNENTOR

Why buy gifts for children from SONNENTOR?

The Bio-Bengelchen have discovered that natural foods taste best. When Constance, Moritz, and Leander are out in the fields, meadows, and between berry bushes, one thing is crystal clear:

Only the best organic fruit and the most fragrant herbs are collected to produce delicious teas, drinks, and sweets for little ones.

What can you discover here?

Delicious gifts, drinks, snacks, sweet treats, and teas for children - all organic and fairly produced:

What makes SONNENTOR children's products unique?

SONNENTOR children's products are organic, fair, and sustainable. Our Bio-Bengelchen, Constance, Moritz, and Leander, have put a lot of effort into making the products child-friendly.

The loving drawings on the packaging tell their stories and show little ones their love for nature and for organic food.

Children's products from SONNENTOR - when to give?

SONNENTOR organic products always taste delicious. They are also full of natural ingredients and are made without artificial additives. That's why they make a wonderful gift for children:

  • for a child's birthday,
  • at Easter, Christmas, for Saint Nicholas,
  • for their name day,
  • to make little ones happy,
  • to wish someone a speedy recovery.

Gifts for children from SONNENTOR

Organic products from SONNENTOR make excellent gifts for various occasions. Put together a pretty gift box and give little ones a unique, fragrant, delicious treat. You will also find a suitable gift for parents! Order here!