Essential Oils: Smell yourself Happy!

Help your sense of smell jump for joy! With essential oils from SONNENTOR - certified organic and 100 percent natural. Do you want to know more about our valuable essential oils? Immerse yourself in the world of heavenly plant fragrances!

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In the photo you can see lavender. | © SONNENTOR
Illustration of a lemon. | © SONNENTOR
Photo of peppermint. | © SONNENTOR

Why should I buy essential oils?

Quite simply because the fragrant power of plants increases your well-being. Essential oils are herbal fragrances in highly concentrated forms. They have been used in healing aromatherapy for thousands of years.

Essential oils – blended or unblended?

At SONNENTOR you can order essential oils online in two forms:

  1. unblended: for example, refreshing peppermint and divine olibanum
  2. as a harmonious blend: like our "It’s all good!” blends

All of our essential oils are certified organic, natural and don’t contain any additives – perfect for sophisticated noses!

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Grumpy? Orange essential oil evaporates your bad! Did you know that lavender has a calming and rosemary a stimulating effect? Body and soul benefit from the plant essences in many ways.

Headaches, sleep problems or tension - fortunately, nature is growing herbs for every ailment.

How can I use essential oils?

Smell, mix, experiment! Essential oils are very versatile in their use. Happy smells for in the sauna, bathtub, or at home thanks to room sprays, aroma diffusers, fragrance lamps or fragrance stones.

Fragrant delights: Application tips for the perfect smell experience

Follow these tips to preserve the fragrances:

  • Store locked.
  • Store in the dark in glass containers.
  • Use within a few months.

Try a variety of scents: give heavenly aromas as gifts

Do you have a nose for useful gifts? You will enjoy our gorgeous fragrance stones and lovingly assembled essential oil gift sets. Guardian Angel oil,  our Bio-Bengelchen oil Train your Brain, Christmassy-scented winter oil Winter Sun will delight your sense of smell!

Mmmmh, what a wonderful smell of vanilla that emanates from mum's kitchen! Get to know our spice essential oils for cooking and baking. Just follow your nose …