Herbal baths to feel good

You will find the perfect products if you love fragrant herbal baths. Organic products from SONNENTOR simply let you relax and enjoy.

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Why buy herbal baths from SONNENTOR?

Only the best for your skin! That's why you should only use certified organic products for your baths. If you are looking for herbal baths, you should ensure they only contain natural ingredients.

What can you discover here?

Herbal baths - treat yourself to a fragrant and relaxing bath.

  • With natural herbs such as lavender, lemon balm, sage, and fennel;
  • with fine essential oils;
  • without pesticides.

What makes SONNENTOR herbal baths unique?

The relaxation starts while you are running your SONNENTOR herbal baths and a comforting scent fills the air.

Herbal baths at SONNENTOR - how can you use them?

SONNENTOR herbal baths contain only herbs and pure essential oils, nothing else. That's how it works:

  • Bring three litres of water to a boil.
  • Steep the herbal bath tea bag in it for 15 minutes.
  • Pour the extract into the bath water.

SONNENTOR herbal baths and herbal pillows

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