All is well - without palm oil.

SONNENTOR is palm oil-free because its use is to be viewed critically. That is why we are focusing on sustainable alternatives.
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A raw material called palm oil

Are you still buying palm oil? Probably not consciously, but avoiding it can sometimes be difficult. It is one of the most common carriers in the food industry. If chocolate, ice cream, pizza, biscuits or crackers - palm oil is used in food products, but also in soaps, lipsticks and cleaning products.

The reasons behind its use is quickly found. It is one of the cheapest vegetable oils and one of the most versatile oil available. It maintains a firm consistency at room temperature, is long-lasting and tasteless, which are perfect conditions to produce hazelnut cream & Co.

However, SONNENTOR deliberately refrained from using it. You ask yourself why?

The increased demand for palm oil has led to increased production. In Austria alone, some 50,000 tonnes are consumed annually. To meet the growing demand worldwide, the farming areas must be constantly expanded. These are in rainforest areas - oil palm trees need high humidity, high temperatures and a lot of land.

Therefore, in recent years, 15 million hectares of rainforest had to give way to oil palm monocultures. Palm oil, like hardly any other product, is a synonym for the destruction of nature. You can only imagine, what the burning of the rainforests means to the environment. People are robbed of their livelihood. Orangutans and countless other animal species die from suffocation and burns.

We do not put anyone on the palm. Palm oil-free products at SONNENTOR. 

It was clear to us: we do not want to support the progressive destruction of the rainforest. Therefore, alternative raw materials had to be found for our biscuits, snack bars and crackers. The persistence of our employees finally paid off. Meanwhile, SONNENTOR is palm oil free - and proud of it. Sunflower oil, olive oil and cocoa butter are used, from organic agriculture, of course! All is well - without palm oil!