Photo of a pack Cheer Up Tea and a pack Chilled Tea. | © SONNENTOR


From double chamber to pyramid bags

From double chamber to pyramid: tea bags are the most popular way to enjoy tea. Filled with cut leaves, pieces of fruit and spices, the aroma can develop quickly and intensively in the cup. Perfect for those who have little time.

Unveiled Boxes

Regardless of whether it is a double chamber bag or a pyramid bag - our teas in infusion bags are packed in boxes from responsible forestry.

Our latest unveiling: Since autumn 2019, we have been using tea bags with improved aroma protection. This means that we no longer need to put cellophane around our tea boxes. This saves up to 20,000 kg of wood fiber film every year. The improvements are ongoing. Do you still have a box that has a foil cover? No problem, you can dispose of this wooden foil in home compost.

Double-chamber bags

Double chamber bags are probably the most common tea bags. They are made of the hard fibers of the textile banana (Abacá) and selected cellulose fibers made of wood. The wood is FSC® or PEFC certified. The tea bags are naturally brown in colour and are unbleached. They are more environmentally friendly than bleached tea bags.

Aroma protection foil

We pack our tea bags in aroma-protection envelopes to avoid flavours evaporating during storage. However, we are currently in the process of changing the material of the envelopes. The different materials of the new and old envelopes mean that they must be disposed of differently.

Our new aroma protection envelopes are coated paper printed with compostable colours. This has two advantages: aromas and flavours are more effectively protected, and the material is recyclable. If adequately disposed of, the envelopes can be reused in new recycled paper or cardboard. The disposal routes can differ significantly from country to country due to different procedures and recycling processes. Please ask your disposal company about the correct recycling of the tea envelopes.

Our previous tea envelopes had to be disposed of in the residual waste and, therefore, could not be recycled.

The change from old to new envelopes is ongoing. You can recognise the new envelopes by the QR code printed on them, where you can learn more about the packaging. When you dispose of the envelopes correctly, you help recycle the material.

When you find a tea bag envelope without a QR code, you know it is an old envelope and belongs in the residual waste.

Pyramid tea bags

Not only are pyramid tea bags pretty to look at, they also hold a very special content. Compared to other infusion bags, they are more economical and are great way to enjoy loose teas.

Our pyramid bags are made from GM-free corn starch. Their aroma protection cover is made of wood fiber and is compostable. The exception is the Chilled Jug range. These pyramid bags are not individually packed but are loose in a plastic pouch in a box.