Photo of a sprinkle can, a spice pack and a try spice pack. | © SONNENTOR


in boxes, tins and as sample sacked spices

Refill or to use directly from the pack - all of our spices come in boxes. The raw material for the box is wood from FSC®-certified forests. Inside the box, our spices are protected by compostable wood foil.

Spices in tins

A number of our spices is also available in tins that are made of tinplate and can be re-filled.

By the way, our tins no longer have a viewing window. That is a shame because it means that we cannot look at our colourful spices. Ecologically, however, it makes perfect sense, because we save plastic and better protect our products. The new tins are also more durable and can therefore be reused more often than the old tins. The changeover is ongoing.

Spices to sample

Our “Try it!” packs give you the opportunity to get to know and try out several of our products in small quantities. As with our spices, the boxes are made of FSC®-certified cardboard and the small spice sachets are made of compostable wood foil.