Feld in Tschechien


In neighbouring South Moravia, SONNENTOR was the first company in this then young EU Member State to be voluntarily controlled according to the EU organic directives.


Together with the Czech organic association PROBIO, SONNENTOR ensured that the Czech Republic could provide proof of the implementation of EU organic regulation in the context of the Czech EU accession to the EU. Josef Dvořáček and Tomáš Mitáček are our local partners who ensure the implementation of the SONNENTOR philosophy in the Czech Republic. The region around Čejkovice has benefited economically from the commitment of the laughing sun. With 70 employees, the Czech subsidiary is already one of the largest employers locally. The basis for the success in the Czech Republic is fair and lasting partnerships, to which SONNENTOR not only contributes money, but its organic know-how.

  • Zitronenmelisse bio

    lemon balm org.

  • Thymian bio

    thyme org.

  • Salbei bio

    sage org.

  • Ringelblumen bio

    calendula org.

  • Pfefferminze bio

    peppermint org.

  • Lindenblüten bio

    linden (lime) flowers org.

  • Kümmel bio

    caraway org.

  • Holunderblüten bio

    elderflowers org.

  • Brombeerblätter bio

    blackberry leaves org.

  • Brennnessel bio

    stinging nettle org.

  • Blau-Mohn bio

    blue poppy seed org.

  • Beifuß bio

    mugwort org.

  • Koriander bio

    coriander org.

  • Schwarzkümmel bio

    black caraway org.

  • Erdbeerblätter bio

    strawberry leaves org.

  • Frauenmantel bio

    ladies mantle org.

  • Petersilie bio

    parsley org.

  • Sonnenblumenblätter bio

    sunflower leaves org.

  • Kamille bio

    camomile org.

  • Ysop bio

    hyssop org.

  • Apfelminze bio

    applemint org.

  • Löwenzahnblätter bio

    dandelion leaves org.

  • Kornblumen bio

    cornflowers org.

  • Schafgarbe bio

    yarrow org.

  • Quendel bio

    wild thyme org.

  • Korianderkraut bio

    cilantro org.