From the catwalk to the field

The couple worked successfully in Portugal in the fashion and music industry for many years. Over time, however, they noticed that something was missing. "We felt that we needed a new challenge. We wanted to find our roots in nature again."In 2014, the couple took up the challenge and started the company Greenboost. They finally left the catwalk for the field. But not to any field: they were particularly taken with Mediterranean herbs. The passionate hobby cooks have always used these aromatic herbs and spices to flavour their food. They were also thrilled with their medical effects.

Following the sun

It didn’t take long to find a suitable piece of land. Reguengos de Monsaraz, in the south of Portugal, has the best conditions for growing herbs. The dry, hot climate is not suitable for many plants, but Mediterranean herbs such as lemon verbena and lemon thyme love sun which helps the plants to develop their essential oils.

Apart from growing herbs, Ana and Daniel also make use of more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year to generate energy. Photovoltaic panels supply sufficient power to run their cutting and harvesting machines. The drying plant is also equipped with solar collectors. The warmed-up air is ideal for drying their herbs. They apply their sustainable approach to farming to their entire production. It’s not surprising how well Ana and Daniel fit into the SONNENTOR family.

A big step

Speaking of family: Ana and Daniel had to leave friends and relatives behind for their dream of having their own farm. A big step, which is rewarded with a view of their herb fields each morning. By the way, numerous centenarian olive trees that grow on their 11 hectares of land allow Ana and Daniel to produce their own olive oil.

They even have two employees who support them with their work. Ana and Daniel want to inspire many more people in Portugal and around the world to take up organic farming. With their ambition, dedication and Portuguese charm, it's only a matter of time before they will succeed.

We source the following herbs from Greenboost and other farmers in Portugal:

For those who want to know

Citronová mateřídouška bio
lemon thyme org.
Zitronenthymian bio
lemon thyme org.