Zsivicza family

In the photo you can see fennel. | © SONNENTOR

Everything there is to know about hospitality in Burgenland.

We have not asked what the meaning of the name Zsivicza is, but we would not be surprised if it stood for the word hospitality. Not only do they dish up organic afternoon tea at a farm in Pama, they also pack their home-made delicacies when they visit friends and family. It is therefore not surprising that the people at SONNENTOR wear a happy grin when they know that Karin and her father are coming to deliver fennel. The mere thought of smoked meats or scrumptious game delicacies makes their mouths water. (Father and daughter are enthusiastic hunters.)

The family believes in sharing time together, whether they are eating or at work. There is plenty to be done in their yard and on the fields. Especially the fennel they grow for SONNENTOR takes up a lot of time, but when it also refines homemade bread, the Zsiviczas don’t mind and are already looking forward to their next guest. Whether at home or at SONNENTOR, the main thing is sharing. This is how hospitality is done in Burgenland.

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