Schneider family

In the photo you can see fennel. | © SONNENTOR

A newcomer making a living with flavoursome fennel.

Just like a loaf of rustic bread is not the same without fennel, SONNENTOR is not the same without Johann Schneider, the organic farmer who grows this special spice. The newcomer – he used to work as a government official - from St. Andrä at Zicksee has literally “inhaled” the essence of this plant, which sweetish-aromatic seeds give dark breads and pastries a unique taste. He knows everything about the tall plant with yellow flowers and enjoys sharing his expertise with his colleagues from the Seewinkel and other regions.

Just to know the particulars of the plant is not enough here in the Seewinkel. Johann also knows the peculiarities of the area well: too much rain, not enough rain, he must stay on his toes to create the best conditions for his fennel. It’s even more admirable that Johann delivers top quality organic fennel year after year. For SONNENTOR, Johann and Stefanie have become specialists of a spice, which has so much more to offer than flavouring bread. However, John leaves kitchen experiments with fennel to others while he keeps dedicating his time to being the bread(spice)winner for his family.

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