Fürst Family

In the photo you can see chamomile. | © SONNENTOR

The organic pioneers who knows which way the wind is blowing.

Windpassing, as the name suggests, is a windy place. This is exactly what makes the area so ideal for growing particularly resistant, healthy and high-quality herbs and spices. Hannes Fürst is a farmer with heart and soul and he knows which way the wind is blowing, especially when it comes to fenugreek, blue poppy seed, psyllium seeds and anise.

Speaking of anise, although opinions differ when it comes to the taste of this spice, its cultivation by Hannes is a masterpiece. With his know-how and enthusiasm, he inspires an increasing number of farmers in his region to switch to organic farming. There is only one area where Hannes consistently fights the prevailing west wind, when delivering his goods to SONNENTOR in the East.

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