Pistel & Hoffmann families

In the photo you can see linden blossoms. | © SONNENTOR

From difficult tarragon and bound(ary)less partnerships.

"We value the enthusiasm and contentment of their employees as well as their fantastic reliability," Doris beams when talking about their cooperation with SONNENTOR. They handcraft herbs and spices for SONNENTOR, with whom they have a partnership beyond borders.

Both family farms are in Bad Sooden-Allendorf, the geographic center of Germany. This is where the newcomers have found their place and inner balance in organic farming. They use this balance when cultivation lemon balm, savory, hyssop and tarragon, which is known to be a challenging plant. From the young plant to the drying process, everything is done on the farm and the families understand now the reason why tarragon is also called "little dragon".

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