Reiser family from Rohrau

Photo of Stinging nettles. | © SONNENTOR

Passionate about organics - standing on their own two feet and helping others to walk.

Oregano needs a lot of sunshine and permeable soil and it has both in Rohrau, a place between Lower Austria and the Burgenland. Here, Martin Reiser and his wife Andrea grow organic oregano for SONNENTOR on their organic farm. By the way, the name Reiser derives from "the grain cuts well" which means that there will be a good yield. A name worthy of an organic farmer!

Over the years, Martin has accumulated a lot of experience and knows exactly what his soil needs to produce crops of outstanding organic quality. He kept passing his knowledge about plants on to the next generation (three sons), hoping that one of his sons would follow in his footsteps. He is proud to report that son David, whom Martin has taught to walk, has learned to stand on his own two feet. Now David himself has become a passionate organic farmer and will hopefully teach the next generation of organic farmers to walk.

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