Schnait family

Photo from a poppy pod. | © SONNENTOR

If white or grey, poppy seeds are their forte.

When it comes to organic poppy seed, Johann Schnait can be trusted blindly as he has become a true specialist of this regional specialty. The cultivation of poppies is certainly one of the most demanding tasks in organic farming, which is why many people stay clear of it. But not Johann. With unbelievable patience, he has been cultivating white and grey poppy seeds for years and consistently produces excellent organic quality.

The tradition of growing grey poppy seeds in the Waldviertel region dates to the monks, who settled in the area in the 11th century. Johann came to growing poppy seeds because of love: his wife’s family who is from "Springs", the local’s name for “Sproegnitz”, the home town of SONNENOR, has always grown poppies.

But back to grey poppy. Obtained in painstaking manual labor, grey poppy pods can be easily emptied, as the pods start to open right under the crown at maturity. As a contrast, white poppy, an old poppy variety with nutty aroma on the other hand, stay closed and are much trickier to empty. But whether white or grey when it comes to poppies, SONNENTOR trusts Johann 100%.

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