Schreiber family

In the photo you can see parsley. | © SONNENTOR

There is no cure for this cleansing genius.

Sigi’s tactics, one might say, are different, but he is nevertheless at the forefront. His psyllium seeds arrive at SONNENTOR squeaky clean, and anyone who knows this spice sees that it takes a cleaning professional to achieve this. Sigi is a gifted technician and quite inventive. He is aware of this and plays to his strength when cleaning his spices. No weed is safe on Sigi’s watch and they certainly won’t stay undetected from his perfect cleaning machines.

The quality of the Schreiber family’s psyllium, cress and black caraway is unrivalled. Word got around and Sigi’s “cleaning salon” is used by other organic farmers in the area as they too want to achieve this high standard. His son’s venture of growing leafy herbs such as parsley, has prompted Sigi to take on the challenge of automating the cleaning of these herbs too. Of course, Sigi has wasted no time in expanding and redesigned his machines in such a way that still no weed can slip through the cleaning process.

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