Waldherr family

In the photo you can see fennel. | © SONNENTOR

Organic women’s power from the Seewinkel area in Burgenland

The Waldherr farm is a typical organic farm in the Burgenland, more precisely in the beautiful place of pilgrimage, Frauenkirchen on the eastern bank of Lake Neusiedl. Typical? Not at all as Renate is one of just few female SONNENTOR suppliers and she is successful in a male dominated profession. However, the grapes grown on the Waldherr farm are typical for this area. Enjoying the short break from work, Renate enthuses how she loves the extensive plains typical of the Seewinkel and nature with its many animal species. “As an organic farmer, I can actively contribute to the beauty of this wonderful region”, she says.

Speaking of contributions. Renate is an active member of the local women's movement, the local wine-growing association, as well as the soil and seed group. Using her amazing women's power, she grows fennel and fenugreek for SONNENTOR.

For those who want to know

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fennel org.
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coriander org.
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