Oehler family

In the photo you can see a leaf of lemon balm. | © SONNENTOR

Mustard and leafy herbs open doors and country borders

Georg Oehler radiates competence and explains about his two farms in Halbturn in Burgenland and neighbouring Hungary, "Nature knows no boundaries". He was one of the first farmers to devote his know-how in two locations in order to spread the weather-related risk of farming and to create jobs. Whether in the German or Hungarian language, in words and communicative, he passes on his knowledge and is glad about the outstanding work of his employees.

His organic repertoire ranges from mustard seeds, psyllium seeds, cress and fenugreek to various leafy herbs. When asked about the secret of his success, he says, "I have always had open eyes and ears when it comes to organics, and I have happily shared my views. This has opened doors and shifted country boundaries for me. "

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